We offer comprehensive transport logistics for European tours under the label EPT in conjunction with our partner companies: Trucking Service and Horizon Entertainment Cargo. Let EPT's experienced team coordinate your tour in and outside Europe! Airfreight, sea freight, trucks, sprinters and nightliners


Horizon Entertainment Cargo Limited - our global partners in all matters related to show and tour freight with strategic branches in North America, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan - provides 24/7 logistics and freight services in the global entertainment sector.

HORIZON ENTERTAINMENT CARGO: Consultation, procurement, aircraft charter, seafreight and airfreight.
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Trucking Service GmbH provides an all-round service for the transportation of music and show equipment. Scheduling is in safe hands and our clients can fully rely on the company's tour knowledge and experience. Services include the provision and temporary storage of tour equipment and completing customs procedures.

Trucking Service operates throughout Europe and uses mega-trailers, 18t trucks, 12t trucks and Sprinter vans. The Megacube Flatfloortrailer - an in-house Trucking Services design - offers tremendous benefits on tour. Pre-assembled traverse systems of up to 13.6m in length can be loaded as one unit.
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