Nomen est omen! A special trailer for physical well-being on tour. Extensive personal hygiene is now possible almost anywhere as the trailer is air-conditioned and equipped with a shower, WC and massage bench. The Bath Trailer is a special conversion of the Backline Trailer. The sturdy chassis and the high quality box system is what make the construction of the Bath Trailer possible in the first place.


Overall dimensions:

Overall length: 4,7 m / 15'5'
Overall width: 2,5 m / 8'2''
Overall heigth: 3,35 m / 11'

Construction outside dimensions:

Length: 3,20 m / 10'6''
width: 2 m / 6'7''
height: 2,5 m / 8'2''

Door dimensions:

width: 0,7 m / 2'4''
height: 1,92 m / 6'4''