About us

What moves us and drives us


We have been passionate about music and showbiz since long before we started our company in 1992. There were many bands touring the Federal Republic of Germany and these often faced closed doors when looking for hotel accommodation - a rather precarious situation for the musicians and crew, especially after a strenuous and successful gig. There had to be a solution! What was needed was a "tour bus with beds" - and not merely converted transporters or a VW bus, but a "real" bus. At the time the Käsbohrer Setra S12 was just what we were looking for - and lo and behold, the idea was a success and the first "tour bus with beds" drove out onto the European mainland. Compared to today's buses, the very first bus was more of a makeshift solution, but at the same time it laid the foundation for designing and planning future conversions.


An increased demand and recommendations from grateful clients resulted in further investments to create the first double-decker sleeper. Greater awareness of the pros and cons of life in a tour bus and our clients' needs triggered an underlying concept of designing personalized conversion systems. Space, quiet, fresh air, entertainment, large beds, lounges, hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks, toilets and the whole package: comfortable, variable and drivable. Naturally, it is not only all about luxury but also about safety and being environmentally friendly. Once the design was ready it was off to the workshop and out came the first Nightliner. Quite apart from all the logistics behind a tour, it was just no longer possible to do justice to all the necessary tasks in a small group and so... Coach Service was born.


Today Coach Service is the leading Nightliner company on the European market and a treasure trove of people sharing their knowledge and their wisdom to offer our clients the best possible service. Drivers, planners, project managers, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, IT specialists, cleaning staff, administration and many more. We transport musicians, crews, artists, athletes, business people, photographic and film productions, young and old - in fact, anybody who appreciates flawless service and comfortable busses. Perfecting our service and our buses is an ongoing commitment which started with the very first kilometer our "Tourbus with beds" was on the road. We listen and react to the feedback of our diverse clientele from all around the globe.