Premium Nightliner fleet

The uniform Nightliner fleet consists of modern and energy efficient vehicles of leading manufacturers.
Variable design elements offer flexibility to adapt to the most diverse requirements.
A distinct feature of our buses is optimum air-conditioning and the quietness of the interior environment.

DD45NG Double Decker - Next Generation

New interior design system
50 m² floor space - up to 16 beds

SHD42NG Single Decker - Next Generation

New interior design system
28 m² floor space - up to 12 beds

DD45 Double Decker

50 m² floor space - up to 16 beds

SHD45 Single Decker

30 m² floor space - up to 16 beds

Construction and Technology

Our Nightliner is designed and planned by experienced professionals, architects and engineers. There are many highly specialized experts working at our in-house production sites and workshops to prepare and convert the Nightliner - electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics and IT specialists. Each and every screw, cable, seat and bed has to fit perfectly to meet the challenges of day-to-day life on tour. In this regard we set the standards when it comes to safety, comfort and functionality.An elaborate insulation and ventilation system, as well as individually adjustable climate zones, form the basis of our Nightliner. The assembly of the interior and modules guarantees maximum space utilization. High quality equipment and supplies and materials - tried and tested over many years - are used to convert the interior. The various woods and materials are perfectly harmonized with each other and determine the uniform image of the interior of our busses. The most diverse configurations can be set up in the shortest time due to the special modular construction method of the lounge, sleeping and wardrobe elements. The WC area, galley with a coffee machine, microwave oven and fridge, ambient LED-lighting system and comprehensive entertainment electronics are standard fixed installations.

High quality surface

Lighting concept with exclusive lighting elements

Elegant washbasin

Elegant seat cushions

Technical features

  • Modular interior system
  • Noise-dampening design
  • Exclusive recreation rooms and lounges
  • Star suites with king-sized beds
  • Variable multi-layered bunks
  • WC area
  • Shower area optional in the DD45
  • Wardrobe
  • Tea kitchen with coffee machine, microwave, fridge
  • Kitchenette optional in the DD45
  • Individually configurable climate zones
  • Filtered supply air and exhaust air recirculation
  • Atmospheric ambient LED lighting system
  • Multimedia entertainment systems
  • DVB-T TV - during the journey in the DD45
  • DVB-S TV - during the journey in the SHD45
  • Internet router

Air exchange and filtration

The entire air in our nightliners is exchanged up to 10 times per hour in mixed air mode (fresh air/recirculated air).
Fresh air and recirculated air are fed to the passenger compartments and beds via an effective filter system.
The smallest particles and aerosols are filtered before the air enters.

Schematic representation of the air flow using the DD45NG as an example

Active filter system

Safety through partial air exchange in the climate zones and each individual bed on board. Separate filtered supply air and exhaust air recirculation ensure partial air exchange in the interiors and beds. This prevents the accumulation or distribution of aerosols.

Fresh and recirculated air filters

Air flow in the bed systems

What else is there to know?

Individuelles Branding

The large exterior spaces on the buses are ideal surfaces for advertising and artwork. Please ask about the possibilities of partial or whole vehicle design. Our team is happy to answer all your questions.

Backline-Trailer & Bath-Trailer

As an optional extra to the buses, our Backline-Trailer can also be booked for additional luggage and loads. Our Bath-Trailer deserves particular attention - a rolling mini-spa en route!

Price enquiry

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Our team is on hand to give advice and support and answer order-related questions as well as to accept your booking.

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